Alex Langshur

Alex is founder and co-CEO at Cardinal Path. Cardinal Path is an award winning consultancy that leverages data & advanced analytics to help marketers fine tune their messages and the channels/mediums they leverage to reach customers. With clients as diverse as Beats, Bridgestone, BNY Mellon & Best Buy (and many more along the alphabet), they reach deep across all facets of the marketing technology stack to surface accurate, robust, comprehensive and actionable data that helps clients create value through better, more informed decision-making.

Alex attended the University of Ottawa where he earned a MS in Earth Sciences. He also attended McGill University where he obtained a BS in Geology. Alex speaks three languages; English, French, and Spanish, and was awarded Honorary Fellow for IMR World Global Business Intelligence.


Specializes In

Web Analytics Strategies

 Governance and Policies

 Extensive expertise in Google Analytics

 IBM Net Insight


 Adobe Omniture 

Cross-channel online marketing strategy

Social media strategy and measurement