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Mike Boland, senior analyst with the Localogy, was one of Silicon Valley’s first tech reporters of the internet age as a staff reporter for Forbes magazine starting in 2000. His comments have appeared in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Analyzing The Impact Of Severe Storms On Consumer Behavior In Texas

Many Texans are still recovering from the historic devastation that brutal winter storms unleashed across the state in mid-February. Millions lost power and/or access to running water in their homes, while others spent hours searching for food as shelves emptied and weather conditions led to food supply chain problems. Understanding where people go in

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A Customer-Centric Strategy to Lead Generation

Are you enabling your clients to be more customer-centric? Though most businesses would nod and say ‘yes’ the truth is only 14% of marketers can confidently say their company really focuses on customer-centricity. Placing the customer at the core of the business can help your clients build loyalty, fuel retention, and pave the way for sustained

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TikTok Pulls Ahead of Facebook in Time Spent

Though TikTok is mired in geopolitical issues and is putting out several fires (though less so in the U.S. now), it remains a force. This carries strategic implications for reaching engaged users, and incorporating TikTok into the marketing mix. That goes for large brands and SMBs (more on that in a bit). The latest

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Are 3D Cities the Next Horizon in Local Search?

In 2006, I attended a launch event in San Francisco for Microsofts Virtual Earth 3D, a product some of you may remember. It’s core function — positioned for sex appeal — was 3D renderings of U.S. cities, starting with San Francisco. It let you essentially fly around a city, sort of like Google Earth but in

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MailChimp Dives into Messaging, Acquires Chatitive

We continue to see ample M&A activity in online marketing. Not only are there distressed assets on the and an opportune time for acquisitions, but a longer-standing trend persists: feature expansion. Broadening a product suite can help achieve key metrics like revenue per user (ARPU) and recurring revenue (ARR). The place we’ve seen this

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Millennials: Stop Sending Me Irrelevant Email

Email marketing consistently rates well among advertisers who report their marketing mix. For SMBs specifically, several waves of Localogy’s Modern Commerce Monitor show strong affinity for email marketing. That includes the most recent results that are examined in our Benchmark Bytes series. Specifically, among SMBs who buy additional services from their website provider, email marketing is the top

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Local Commerce: Looking Back at ’20, and Forward to ’21

Tis the season for predictions. We’re skipping that formalized exercise in what’s become an off-year for the world (some might say dumpster fire). Instead, we’re aggregating and adding insights to several outside voices that we track. And Localogy’s daily coverage is already peppered with predictions. To add to those exercises, we want to hold ourselves to

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Can Digital Gifting Help SMBs Resuscitate Cash Flow?

A common SMB action that’s defined the past year is scrambling to find and implement digital tools to counterbalance the detriments of physical-world lockdowns. Without marginalizing the pain endured by brick & mortar businesses, one silver lining (for what it’s worth) will be battle-tested digital savvy. Even 10 months into various stages of lockdown,

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iHeart Continues Podcast Power Play

iHeartMedia lives a double life. While the largest terrestrial radio station owner in the U.S., it continues to embrace podcasting. Traditional media companies in this boat historically get tripped up in cannibalization concerns and fumbling execution. But history also advises to eat your own lunch or someone else will. With that historically-validated — but

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Google Joins the Project Management Fray

This is the latest in Localogy’s Skate To Where the Puck is Going series. Running semi-weekly, it examines the moves and motivations of tech giants as leading indicators for where markets are moving. Check out the entire series here, and its origin here.  One core area that Localogy closely tracks is SaaS tools that help SMBs run their

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