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Overtok, Wix Partner to Drive Online Engagement for SMBs

The user-engagement platform Overtok has struck a deal to include its tools in cloud-based website developer Wix‘s app store. The partnership aims to help businesses building websites on Wix drive more monetizable actions from their most qualified customers. One way that Tel Aviv-based Overtok does this is by converting inbound calls into real-time personalized actions based on the business’s

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Does Google Have a Serious Challenger in You.com?

Google and Facebook are known as the “duopoly” of online advertising. And not for nothing. Last year (in the before times), eMarketer estimated the two would have a combined 61% share of digital ad spend by the end of 2021. So it was more a matter of if, not when, that regulators, the Justice

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Google, Facebook Are Doing Just Fine, Thank You Very Much

Last week online advertising giants Google and Facebook made one thing clear. While there clearly are victims of the economic crisis wrought by the pandemic, the two online advertising giants should not be counted among them. Both companies released their Q3 earnings late last week, showing continuing strength in the face of a persistent

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Building a Sustainable Digital Agency: A Conversation with Sandy Lohr

One of the biggest challenges digital agencies face today, besides COVID-induced economic pressure, is finding differentiation in an automated age. After all, major players like Google and Facebook increasingly are becoming DIY platforms. This puts agencies under growing pressure to compensate with more tools, services, and expertise for small businesses. How do agencies stay

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Facebook Business Suite Merges Facebook & Instagram Posting for SMBs

Yesterday Facebook announced a new solution called Facebook Business Suites that provides a number of features designed to make it easier for SMBs to post content across all of Facebook’s apps. COO Cheryl Sanberg made the announcement yesterday on Facebook’s blog. “It allows them to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and

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Local Industry Weighs in on the Pros and Cons of Remote Work

We’ve recently been having conversations about remote work with leaders across the Localogy ecosystem. We’ve talked about how the sudden shift to work from home has impacted their businesses, and what they believe will be the longer-term impacts of this sudden shift away from an office-based workplace. A few core notions emerged from these conversations.

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‘Acceleration’ Leaving its Mark, Part II: A Conversation with David Mihm

The COVID-driven acceleration of existing trends was the topic of a post I wrote earlier this week. It was also a central theme in the second installment of Localogy’s LocalAgency video series. This week’s episode features a conversation with digital marketing thought leader David Mihm. David has held senior roles at Moz and ThriveHive. He is currently the

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CNBC/SurveyMonkey Offer New Evidence of Growing SMB Optimism

Small business operators are much more optimistic about their ability to ride out the pandemic than they were in April. And they are also more bullish on current business conditions and prospects for growing revenue over the coming year. These are a few of the key findings from the Q3 CNBC/SurveyMonkey Small Business Index, released

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Facebook, Google Earnings Round Out Tough Q2 for Ad Supported Tech Platforms

We’ve now seen Q2 results from Snap, Twitter, Facebook, and Google, which gives us a good sense of how COVID has impacted the online advertising industry. Unlike Q1, which was largely over before shelter-in-place orders kicked in, Q2 occurred entirely during the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic. In mid-July, we reported results from

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AWeber Offers Aid to SMBs Via New Freemium Product

Picking up on the financial anxiety of small business owners in the COVID era, AWeber is rolling out a free version of its email marketing software. While timed to help SMBs weather the current crisis, the free product has strategic value beyond the pandemic for AWeber. The new AWeber Free has a 500 subscriber cap, no

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