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Neal Polachek, senior analyst with Localogy, is a board advisor to a variety of companies operating in the local ecosystem. He also is the founder of ThinkLikeAnApp.

With a Fresh $150 Million in Hand, ZocDoc Seizing the Moment

Earlier this week we learned that Zocdoc, a health tech company founded 14 years ago (yes, 14 years), has raised $150 million in private equity money from Francisco Partners. Over 14 years and 10 rounds, ZocDoc has raised more than $375 million. That is a long road. For this company, like others, the pandemic has been a

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Seven Ways to Support Small Businesses

When we first began writing about small business issues, it was a rare occasion to hear small business discussed outside of insider circles. Now, it’s hard to scroll through Twitter or an Apple News feed and not see coverage and conversation about the fate of U.S. small businesses. So as we come across interesting

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Salesforce Deal Completes a ‘Hat Trick’ for Slack

Late yesterday, news broke of a definitive agreement for Salesforce to buy Slack in a nearly $28 billion transaction. When it closes, the deal will deliver Slack shareholders a nearly 55% premium over where the stock has been hovering over the last year. Hats off to Slack for building a business worth more than $27 billion. And

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