Localogy Insider frequently covers the challenging task brands face in effectively communicating marketing messages in a localized fashion. It’s a tough problem to solve. Particularly so for a brand like Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns some of the world’s leading beer brands and works with thousands of bars, restaurants, and retail locations all over the world.

A number of SaaS platforms have emerged to solve this issue for brands.  Specifically, the challenge of communicating dynamic, individualized messages to thousands of locations.

One such platform, Austin-based Tiger Pistol, recently earned the “Best Social Media Campaign” AdExchanger Awards for its campaign to localize AB InBev’s national advertising.

AB InBev used Tiger Pistol to shift its budget to local social advertising. And to aggregate touchpoints in communities around the world.

This approach, according to Tiger Pistol, generated larger and more meaningful results for its brand, including drastically lowering advertising costs, increasing consumer engagement, and fostering loyalty among InBev’s worldwide network.

“For nearly a decade, Tiger Pistol has been obsessively focused on building the world’s most effective and efficient social advertising platform for local activation at scale,” said Tiger Pistol CEO Paul Elliott.

“This recognition by the AdExchanger Awards is high praise. And it further validates our company’s legacy of delivering ‘first-evers’ that drive client value. Our disruption-proof technology allowed us to pivot seamlessly for AB InBev, bringing the speed, versatility, and flexibility necessary for our current world situation, that’s truly region by region and business by business.”

Tiger Pistol currently powers AB InBev’s Covid-19 local social strategy.  Tiger Pistol supports local bars and restaurants around the world with localized social ad campaigns. The ads encourage consumers to support local eating and drinking establishments.

Rapid Response Advertising

This isn’t the first time Tiger Pistol and AB InBev deployed these tactics. Before the pandemic, the two companies helped the COPA America Soccer Tournament execute rapid campaign updates.

“AB InBev needed a way to quickly deploy ads based on upcoming games in different locations, and future match tables based on the game’s outcome,” said Tiger Pistol VP Client Management Talia Wachtel.

“AB InBev deployed 500 local ads through the Facebook Business Pages of restaurants and bars that pour AB InBev brands. As games were played, AB InBev could quickly update creative across their campaigns featuring the new matchup. All this while also being able to shut down campaigns in localities where local teams were no longer competing.”

According to Tiger Pistol, the campaign strategy reached nearly two million consumers. The campaign’s 7 million exposures came at a CPM 75% more cost-effective than AB InBev’s national campaign efforts.

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