A Customer-Centric Strategy to Lead Generation

Are you enabling your clients to be more customer-centric? Though most businesses would nod and say ‘yes’ the truth is only 14% of marketers can confidently say their company really focuses on customer-centricity. Placing the customer at the core of the business can help your clients build loyalty, fuel retention, and pave the way for sustained

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MailChimp Dives into Messaging, Acquires Chatitive

We continue to see ample M&A activity in online marketing. Not only are there distressed assets on the and an opportune time for acquisitions, but a longer-standing trend persists: feature expansion. Broadening a product suite can help achieve key metrics like revenue per user (ARPU) and recurring revenue (ARR). The place we’ve seen this

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Millennials: Stop Sending Me Irrelevant Email

Email marketing consistently rates well among advertisers who report their marketing mix. For SMBs specifically, several waves of Localogy’s Modern Commerce Monitor show strong affinity for email marketing. That includes the most recent results that are examined in our Benchmark Bytes series. Specifically, among SMBs who buy additional services from their website provider, email marketing is the top

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