With a Fresh $150 Million in Hand, ZocDoc Seizing the Moment

Earlier this week we learned that Zocdoc, a health tech company founded 14 years ago (yes, 14 years), has raised $150 million in private equity money from Francisco Partners. Over 14 years and 10 rounds, ZocDoc has raised more than $375 million. That is a long road. For this company, like others, the pandemic has been a

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A Customer-Centric Strategy to Lead Generation

Are you enabling your clients to be more customer-centric? Though most businesses would nod and say ‘yes’ the truth is only 14% of marketers can confidently say their company really focuses on customer-centricity. Placing the customer at the core of the business can help your clients build loyalty, fuel retention, and pave the way for sustained

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Seven Ways to Support Small Businesses

When we first began writing about small business issues, it was a rare occasion to hear small business discussed outside of insider circles. Now, it’s hard to scroll through Twitter or an Apple News feed and not see coverage and conversation about the fate of U.S. small businesses. So as we come across interesting

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Benchmarking the Lasting Impact of COVID-Era Transformation

Localogy’s fourth wave of its 2020 Modern Commerce Monitor™ spotlights the current impact and continued transformation driven by COVID. Highlights from the report reveal 55% of businesses still have employees working remotely and to support that sustained, remote workforce, there has been an incredible increase in technology investment since the last wave released in

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Building a Sustainable Digital Agency: A Conversation with Sandy Lohr

One of the biggest challenges digital agencies face today, besides COVID-induced economic pressure, is finding differentiation in an automated age. After all, major players like Google and Facebook increasingly are becoming DIY platforms. This puts agencies under growing pressure to compensate with more tools, services, and expertise for small businesses. How do agencies stay

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Google Joins the Project Management Fray

This is the latest in Localogy’s Skate To Where the Puck is Going series. Running semi-weekly, it examines the moves and motivations of tech giants as leading indicators for where markets are moving. Check out the entire series here, and its origin here.  One core area that Localogy closely tracks is SaaS tools that help SMBs run their

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Hubspot Moves Up Market with Integrated CRM

Hubspot is targeting the ‘M’ in SMB. Its newest CRM tool caters to mid-market businesses in the 500 headcount range, where cross-functional integrations start to gain complexity. So rather than just sales workflows, it broadens functionality for integrations with system admins and other stakeholders. Announced this week at its Inbound conference, HubSpot Sales Hub

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Local Industry Weighs in on the Pros and Cons of Remote Work

We’ve recently been having conversations about remote work with leaders across the Localogy ecosystem. We’ve talked about how the sudden shift to work from home has impacted their businesses, and what they believe will be the longer-term impacts of this sudden shift away from an office-based workplace. A few core notions emerged from these conversations.

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Funding Watch: The Localogy Global Investment Roundup

Funding Watch is Localogy’s series that tracks funding to SMB-focused startups and tech providers. See the rest of the series here. Things continue to heat up in SMB Saas. For those unfamiliar, this sector is represented by companies that build software tools for small businesses. It’s everything from “front of the house” marketing and customer acquisition tools,

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‘Acceleration’ Leaving its Mark, Part II: A Conversation with David Mihm

The COVID-driven acceleration of existing trends was the topic of a post I wrote earlier this week. It was also a central theme in the second installment of Localogy’s LocalAgency video series. This week’s episode features a conversation with digital marketing thought leader David Mihm. David has held senior roles at Moz and ThriveHive. He is currently the

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