Marcus Murphy

Marcus is the CEO of “The Five Percent,” located in London, England. He is a member of the advisory board on LinkedIn for almost 4 years where he also has a course “Intro to Marketing.” Marcus also has more than 9 years experience in sales and marketing at several different companies. Not only is Marcus a certified Digital Marketer, he is also an excellent public speaker, and speaks at conventions all across the world on a yearly basis.

Marcus attended Saint Joseph’s College of Indiana with a BBA in Business Administration and Community Psychology. He also attended London Metropolitan University where he earned a BBA in Business Administration and Entrepreneurial and Business Operations.


“I'm on a mission to overcome the stigma of selling. When I was a kid I didn't dress up as a salesperson for Halloween and I certainly didn't ask for sales training for Christmas. Unfortunately, no one wants to be a salesperson... even though it's the LARGEST profession in the United States. People hate being sold but love to buy. People need sales people but equally hate them. Even with ALL the other job options, here I am... a sales guy. Trying to escape the thoughtless, pushy, untrustworthy, reputation that has been ruined by countless before me. "Hey, what do you do for a living?" Me: (whispers) "I'm a sales guy"...I'm here to take sales back. To restore, teach, and uplevel the sales profession. It won't be easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. Today the strategic, helpful, empathic salesperson WINS. It's time to put thoughtfulness back into the sales process and I'm ready for the challenge. Does anyone want to join me?