#AgenciesUnited is an absolutely free and exclusive network for like-minded Agency Leaders to discuss and address the current industry challenges and opportunities we face.

By becoming a member, you will gain access to exclusive content from industry leaders, unlock site tools to share your agency expertise, and collaborate with peers in real time. Our mission is to provide a safe, confidential, audience-appropriate venue for Ad Agencies to continue to thrive as a strong and united community.

We’re in this together.

Our North Star is to bring the advertising agency community together and support one another during and post COVID-19. 

#AgenciesUnited is absolutely free for Agency Leadership level decision makers providing a “safe”, productive and enjoyable place to Communicate, Collaborate and Contribute to and with each other.






  • Partnership & Community

    Agency Leadership - an exclusive application-only network for like-minded agency leaders to discuss and address the current industry challenges and opportunities we face.
    Supportive Environment - support your agency peers in a safe, confidential, audience-appropriate venue. Provide mutual value by sharing and receiving helpful content.

  • Collaboration

    Resources - access resources and shared content, ideas, or referrals submitted by the AU members to assist in business strategy, community engagement, client relations or operations of Agencies.
    Contribution - your content can be of value to others as a resource for mentorship, innovation, networking or referrals.
    Job Board – a resource for career opportunities, contractor and freelancer connections to support career growth and job placement in our industry.
    Live Chat - Access our chat for more immediate peer interaction.

  • Creativity & Innovation

    Virtual events - webinars and live strategy sessions with well- known thought leaders tailored to issues important to Agency Leaders to help navigate these uncertain times.
    Think tank - industry-wide creative brainstorming and innovative concepts for growth.


Participation & Engagement

A community is only as vibrant as its members' participation and engagement. Agencies United will thrive when members provide value and contribute with both asks and gives.


Most of us are sales people in spirit but we ask that you resist the urge to sell and embrace the opportunity to share.


By spreading the word to your network, you are expanding the knowledge base, offering value and diversity to the overall group.


Apply for Membership

Become a member by applying to the community of relevant peers and resources. You will receive your website login via email in order to unlock all of the site's information and accessibility.

Share Expertise

Pose a question, share a thought, or express concerns that you feel will benefit the community. Engage in the website and LinkedIn conversations to help provide answers, advice, or expertise. 


The vast #AgenciesUnited Resource Hub will provide topical information and resources submitted by our Agency Members.