The user-engagement platform Overtok has struck a deal to include its tools in cloud-based website developer Wix‘s app store. The partnership aims to help businesses building websites on Wix drive more monetizable actions from their most qualified customers.

One way that Tel Aviv-based Overtok does this is by converting inbound calls into real-time personalized actions based on the business’s needs and goals. The actions can be anything from an order to an appointment booking to a request for a quote. The idea is to prevent visitors from leaving without taking an action valuable to the website’s owner.

“Since our visual [call to action] messages pre- and post-call are not perceived as unwanted ads, and they deliver real value both to customers and businesses, our system reports super-high conversion rates. They range between 5% and 12% on a wide range of verticals and segments. From restaurants to car dealers and pharmacies,” Overtok Co-founder & CMO Guy Naor told Localogy Insider.

It’s notable that Overtok allows businesses to convert calls into actions. Even before the call is answered. This fits into the modern consumer’s desire for lower-friction interactions with the businesses they patronize. All the better if they can get what they need — say a haircut booking — before having to talk to anyone. And most small business operators will happily take an action over a phone call. It’s much more time-efficient. And operators often lack the resources to cover every call. This allows business owners to convert the calls they miss rather than send them to the dreaded voice mail.

Another benefit of the Overtok tool is that the click to call buttons installed on small-business websites capture a lot of data. So the tool also serves as a de facto call tracking solution for businesses.

Converting Wasted Traffic

Naor and CEO Barak Geller founded Overtok in early 2018. In addition to working with agencies and site builders like Wix, Overtok also helps online directories monetize more traffic by diverting calls from unpaid listing to paid advertisers by placing calls to action in front of consumers before and after a call.

The partnership with Wix is an important milestone for the company. And for a native process for us to support a large scale of businesses who relies on their website traffic to create sales, especially in these challenging times. We understand the importance and opportunity of both answered calls and the 30% of phone calls to small businesses that are missed. We have developed the right tools for web-oriented businesses to lose zero customers,” Geller told Localogy Insider.

This short video from the Wix app store helps explain how the Overtok solution works.

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