Going into 2020 being an entrepreneur was aspirational, everyone wanted to be an entrepreneur. Well, here we are.

Being an entrepreneur has its benefits but it is also consuming, it can be heavy and often pretty lonely. In a time like this, it can be downright frightening, there are so many more questions than answers.

Being an entrepreneur means responsibility to your family, your team, your clients, your vendors, and your community.

Not everyone is built to be an entrepreneur and even the best entrepreneurs (I certainly do not qualify) are challenged in these unique times.

I am not complaining, simply stating an entrepreneur’s facts.

I have recited the following to myself every day for the last few weeks and I am not certain if it is a mission or a prayer but it helps me. Please use it or a variation of it if it helps you.

I will be strong; I will simply not be deterred and although the challenge is clear I choose to focus on the opportunity to lead my collective tribe into better times.

My fellow entrepreneurs, I include you in that prayer in the hope that you can stay strong and stay focused on opportunity and not the problems that swirl relentlessly around them.

I look forward to sharing anything other than a Corona with you on the other side of this.

Stay Strong
Tim Burke