Tim Burke

Tim is a successful Agency owner in New Jersey. His agency helps other agencies scale. It serves as a whtielable provider focused on partnership. He has over 20 years experience in sales, and has every badge of success to show for it. Not only is he an agency owner, he owns a Cafe as well!

Tim loves learning and sees uncapped potential for himself and the people he surrounds himself with. He is energized to go to work every day and learn something new every single day.


“I am a salesperson and I am proud of it… for my entire professional career I have tried to shatter the stigma associated with being a “salesperson” by truly trying to help, truly help. I am able to help because I do my best to not just hear the needs but listen for challenges and opportunities presented by those that I interact with.By engaging in active listening (not just hearing) I then use my empathy and business creativity to try and understand how to best help. If you are a proud salesperson with a similar view of our profession, I would love to meet you! Our company, Traffic Builders is a digital marketing company focusing on delivering expert digital solutions to different markets and we were AdWeek's 21st fastest growing global agency in 2019 and 2nd Fastest in 2020!”